Jessica Oya, our High School Science Teacher, Returns!!

August 15, 2012 at 3:27 am Leave a comment

This summer we had the fortune of having Jessica Oya, the high school teacher from the Life Academy of Health and Biosciences in Oakland, come work in our lab again as part of the IISME program.  This year, Jessica worked with Jack on a project involving zebrafish development and learned how to fix and stain zebrafish embroys for various proteins.  In addition, she set up a curriculum for her chemistry class, incorporating some of the techniques she learned in our lab to pass on to her students.  She now has extensive experience teaching biology, physics, and chemistry at the high school level, with several demonstrations and experiments that she learned while working in our lab.

From my limited experience teaching (having just TA’ed 1 class so far), I learned both the difficulties and rewards of teaching.  And after visiting Jessica at her school and seeing her in action, I realized the expertise she has developed over the last several years.  I have often thought how awesome it would be to go back to high school (preferably my old high school) and teach chemistry.  My AP chemistry teacher in high school was an excellent teacher, so good that he was also our high school wrestling coach.  After the AP exams, he had the class participate in a competition to determine who was the best wrestler…  But from him, I learned the importance of having a teacher who spends the effort making sure every student understands difficult concepts.  Jessica also shares this quality.  It was truly a pleasure having her in our lab, and we wish her the best as she prepares to start the school year.


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